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Should i get shared or dedicated web hosting ?

December 26th, 2006

most web sites owners are using shared web hosting to host there sites.

some more information before we continue:

What is shared hosting ?

web server that host many web sites in the same server.

What is dedicated hosting ?

web server that have is only dedicated to you !

What is Dedicated ip ?

dedicated ip are internet ip that are only used by you, mostly used to serve only one site per ip.

shared web hosting are very cheap, but you can have some problem with there performance because you will never know how many sites / what’s kind of sites they host.

you should monitor to see if your web hosting performance are working well, if you web site take more than 3-4 seconds to load, your site will suffer from users that will live you and search engines errors.

some internet ip’s are in a black list of search engine – so you should check you hosting ip by just going to google search and enter the ip that your host give you and see if there any bad results there.

i think you should get a dedicated ip with shared hosting. dedicated ip’s mostly only cost $1 per month.