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Google Local Search Results

August 16th, 2009

Google bring first of all local search results. google bring relevant results to a user. The right keyword and right sites are provided with and they are there to help the user with their information. But in accordance with this one thing is also very important ant that is the right language. The user cannot be able to find out the very thing what they are exactly looking for without the proper language. The correct language is relevant and necessary in order to rank high on search engine optimization. As for instance if a German speaking person get the websites returned in a search query that are written in English or in any other language as well then that would not do any work for him. So a search engine is desired to have returned all the inquiries of a user in the right language because the user is looking for the right information in the right language. A search engine has to have some way to be able to return the results in the right language. It is one of the many things that a search engine should employ to get the user as close to home as possible in the realm of their search results. It is common question among the individuals who are trying to get a high rank for their websites in some search engines, which are based in another country. They do not understand the reason behind this that why their websites ranking is not too well. The most probable answer is that they may not even know they are in another country. You may be surprised to hear the answer, as it is quite impossible to belief, that one could not know what country they are in? It might surprise that individual to find that their website might in fact be hosted in a completely different country, perhaps even on another continent!Search engines including Google; determine country not only on the basis of the domain name like co. uk or co. in or com. au but also the country of a websites physical location is based upon IP address. Search engines easily find out the country to which the particular website belongs to. They are programmed with information that tells the search engines which IP address denotes to which particular country. And moreover the domain suffixes also tells them to which country they are assigned. An example can make this clear to you. You want to rank high in Google in the United States. But it would not do well for you to host you website in German or in Italy. You might have to switch your web host to one whose servers reside in the United States. There is a tool, which will help you in this special purpose. This tool will help you to view which country your website is hosted and the bonus of this tool is that it will also tell you the possible reasons why your website may not be ranking as highly as you might like in a particular search engine.