New York City Datacenter

Telehouse, Chelsea Data Center, 85 10th street, Manhattan, New York City

Chelsea Data Center New York City

Test IP New York City (Manhattan)
Ping IPV4:
Ping IPv6: 2605:dd80::5d3c:f3f0
Test files: 100MB 250MB 750MB

--2015-07-03 06:12:28--
Resolving ( 2001:1980:110a:2::2,
Connecting to (|2001:1980:110a:2::2|:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 104857600 (100M) [application/octet-stream]
Saving to: `st-100mb.bin'

100%[=============================================>] 104,857,600  108M/s   in 0.9s

2015-07-03 06:12:29 (108 MB/s) - `st-100mb.bin' saved [104857600/104857600]

Prime NYC Connectivity

TELEHOUSE opened our newest
data center in Manhattan’s Chelsea district
in 2011 now known as “Silicon Alley”.
Our 60,000 square foot, state-ofthe-
art, SSAE16, Tier 3 offers a choice
of 25 plus telecommunications
providers, connected through high
performance DSR-MDF-IDF cabling.

connection points in New York
(NYIIX) and Los Angeles (LAIIX). Our
NYIIX ports have seamless switching
fabrics at 85 10th Ave, 25 Broadway,
7 Teleport Drive, 60 Hudson St and
111 8th Ave. Our west coast exchange,
LAIIX, also has seamless switching
fabrics at 626 Wilshire and 1 Wilshire.

  Both NYIIX and LAIIX are based
on Brocade carrier class and high
    speed platform. Public and/or
 private peering via VLAN services is
available. Route servers are available

at both locations

Connect to NYIIX, (New York International Internet Exchange)
New York’s largest and most active peering exchange, ranked
in the top 10 internationally, with dual-redundant fiber
connections to key carrier hotels at 111 Eighth Avenue,
60 Hudson St, and 7 Teleport Drive in Staten Island and
and 165 Halsey Street In New Jersey. Visit our NYIIX website
Prime NYC Connectivity
Chelsea Data Center
85 Tenth Avenue
Seventh Floor
New York, NY 10011

©TELEHOUSE | 7 Teleport Drive, Staten Island, NY | TEL: + 1.718.355.2500 |
Take a tour of Chelsea today!

Check out - and Peering specification sheet.

TELEHOUSE America operates two of the world’s largest International peering exchanges, providing connection points in New York, via the New York International Internet Exchange (NYIIX), and Los Angeles, via the Los Angeles International Exchange (LAIIX). NYIIX maintains seamless switching fabrics in New York City at

  • 85 10th Ave
  • 7 Teleport Drive,
  • 60 Hudson St,
  • 111 8th Ave
  • 32 Avenue of the Americas
  • 165 Halsey Street (NEW – available as of April 2014)
LAIIX has seamless switching fabrics in Los Angeles 626 Wilshire Blvd. and 1 Wilshire. Both internet peering exchanges are based on Brocade’s carrier class and high-speed platform and offer on-site route servers.

click here to watch video on Peering

Colocation Services in Secure and Reliable Data Centers in New York and Los Angeles as well as 22 data centers across the US with our  AT&T Partner Exchange program

Anticipating customer needs gives our clients the flexibility they need

Redundant power, seamless interconnection to hundreds of service providers and high security are capabilities that customers have come to expect from their data center colocation providers.

Thinking about what our customers need next is a driving force at Telehouse. We are pushing these competencies even further, in our partnership with AT&T, in order to give our customers broader reach across the US, while maintaining Telehouse’s rigid quality standards and hands-on management. Through our partnership, we have added 19 data centers to our 3 colocation facilities in the US for even faster connectivity.

Our customers in the IT/Hosting, Media, Network Carriers, Enterprise and Health Care industries can expect 99.999% uptime, strict security, and the highest standards in availability, infrastructure, scalability and customer service, giving them peace of mind.

A Global Network of Data Centers

64 locations on 4 continents give you continuity wherever you do business

With a growing network of global data centers around the world, our customers can do business everywhere they are. We can connect you on 4 continents with a reliable, scalable, secure house for your data. With 25 years of experience to guide you, and one point of contact, we help make the complex, simpler.

Infrastructure, Connectivity, Reliable Power, Security, and Scalable IT Support From a Single-Source Provider in New York and Los Angeles.

TELEHOUSE America is one of the world’s largest carrier-neutral providers of Tier III and IV, SSAE 16 compliant data centers. The company owns and operates 3 state-of-the-art U.S. Facilities: 2 in New York; Staten Island and New York City, and 1 in Los Angeles, with over 235,000 square feet of data center space in key US Cities.

Through our partnership with AT&T, we have expanded our reach to 22 data centers in the US, giving our customers more space, faster connections and more local control with the rigid quality control, security and customer service they expect from Telehouse.  To read more about the AT&T Partner Exchange click here.

See our Data Centers in the US | See our global facilities

Telehouse also owns and operates the NYIIX and LAIIX peering exchanges, which give our Internet community a neutral, scalable peering infrastructure, assuring reliability and stable connectivity.

About Chelsea
• Operational since 1/24/11
• Common and caged colocation space
• Carrier-neutral
• 24/7 customer assistance center
• On-site technical support 24/7
• Level 1 “Remote Hands” service
• Unlimited, first 30 tool-free minutes of every
help ticket is included
• Thereafter, $150 man hour, M-F 9AM-5PM
• All other times $200 per hour
• Level 2—Level 4 IT support available
• 24/7 authorized personnel access only
• Low monthly cross-connect fees
• Choose our managed IT services or use your own Infrastructure
• SSAE16 Certfied, Tier 3, 99.999+ % reliability
• 60,000 square feet
• Full / partial racks or caged colocation
• 24/7 on-site facility engineering support
• 18-inch raised floor throughout
• Rooftop antenna access
• Smoke alarms, pre-action sprinklers. and gas suppression system
• Central HVAC monitoring
• All building systems monitored 24/7 Power
• Commercial power capacity: 4.15MVA
• Four static 750kVA (3,000 total kVA); 3+1 configuration
• Two 2.5MVA diesel-powered generators; N+1 configuration
• Battery capacity: 15 minutes at full load
• Diesel fuel reserve: 80 hours at full load
• Redundant N+1 cooling Security
• Closed-circuit television video surveillance, internal and external
• 24/7 TELEHOUSE on-site security personnel
• 7th floor elevator access card entry
• Mantrap Biometric security
• 24/7 authorized customer personnel access
• Regularly updated access lists
• Photo ID required for site access Connectivity
• Carrier-neutral
• Low monthly cross-connect fees
• Eighteen carriers/ISPs meet any telecom need
• Diverse internal and external fiber routes
(POE and building risers)
• DSR-MDF-IDF high-performance cabling infrastructure
• NYIIX Extension Chelsea Data Center New York City
• 25 plus carriers/ISP’s

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