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For how long should i register my domain ?

December 5th, 2006

Domain names can be register between 1 to 10 years maximum.

not all domain registration services are provide domain registration for 10 years.

when you only register domain for 1 year, you could have a problem and you could forgot to renew your domain, your domain will have more 15 days extra until it’s moving to unavailable to web users, but give you more 15 days to register your domain with a regular price.

after the 30 days that domain is in a “pending delete” with give the owner 30 more days a chance to get back is domain for lot’s of money.

there is a major problem with google if you only register the domain for 1 year.

most spam sites also register a domains for 1 year, so if you register your domain for 10 years Google will know that you value your site, just make any search in google for competitive keyword and look at the search results all wake a “howis” search at and see that all competitive domain are register for 10 years !.